The missionary for The Kareyoo. Tedecho is a member of the notorious warriors called the Karayoo. The Karrayyu are ancient pastoralist Cushitic speaking Oromo ethnic group residing in the Awash Valley, around the volcano of Mount Fentale and the Metehara Plain (Great East African Rift Valley) in the Fantalle District of the Oromia region in Ethiopia. Karrayyu are a nomadic-pastoralist who only attends to Livestock rearing. They hardly farm as they engage in buying of food from their neigbhours. Tedacho Fentale is Berea supported missionary. He is growing and actively reaching his Karayoo tribesmen.

Prayer Points for Tedacho and his tribe.
* Pray that God will grant favor to any missions agencies currently focusing on the Karayoo.
* Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint the Gospel message as it goes forth via radio among the Karayoo.
* Pray that God will give the Karayoo believers opportunities to share the Gospel with their own people.
* Ask God to send Christian humanitarian aid workers to the Karayoo to minister to the physical needs of these war-torn people.
* Ask God to call forth prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through intercession.
* Pray that strong local churches will be planted among the Karayoo.