Prayer Is A Mighty Power

Prayer is a mighty power; we Bereans use it everyday. We do not stand by indifferent and uninterested, and leave the progress of the gospel to missionaries abroad, to God’s ministers at home. We all take our part in the work and that is why we pray incessantly at our daily teleconferences.

Success in that work depends in large measure on the prayers of the faithful. All who pray earnestly for the work of missions are really helpers, as really, though not in the same degree, as the most hardworking missionaries. Faithful prayer is as necessary as faithful mission work. The united prayers of Berea Teleconference attendees, the mighty volume of supplication that ascends in behalf of missions, is the strength of those who labour in loneliness and self-denial among heathen and savages. Each one of us, however humble, may contribute his share to the great result. All who do so are coworkers in the blessed work of saving souls. It is a high privilege; the Lord has committed the progress of Christianity to the prayers of his people.

We at Berea may well ask ourselves if we have been as energetic as we ought in that great spiritual work.

BEREA Ministry is a movement of volunteers working together to change their nation through a network of mission oriented Tentmakers, national gatherings, training events and resources.

Giving God all the glory he deserves. 

Dear Berea Saints,

1. Pray constantly for the success of the gospel in all the world. Pray for each of Berea Mission workers.

2. Do not think yourself too weak and sinful to do so; such humility is false humility; it defrauds God’s ministers of the assistance which you are bound to give them.

3. Believe in the power of prayer; it is an important element in a living faith.